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Wyke Farm believes that farming and conservation go hand in hand. In 2000 the team embarked on a journey to transform an intensive dairy farm into a sustainable business where food grows in harmony with nature.

They have been restoring wildflower meadows, replanting hedgerows, creating woodland corridors, digging waterbodies, and reintroducing native cattle and sheep. As a result, the farm is now a thriving, biodiverse environment.

Over 128 species of wildflowers inhabit their meadows, they have logged 500 species of moth; 68 species of spider; 8 out of the 12 native bats; a wide range of birds; plenty of newts; and innumerable lichen, mosses and worts.

In order to document the site as it changes and grows, the team welcomes contributions. Wildlife spottings at Wyke Farm, can be registered on site, by registering a sighting and contributing to their growing catalogue of exciting flora and fauna.