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Leveraging circular solutions to empower the fashion industry and consumers to reduce the clothing industry’s negative environmental impact.

Redress is an environmental charity based in Hong Kong, primarily focused on Asia. Their objective is to expedite the transition towards a circular fashion industry by providing education and empowerment to designers and consumers. Their efforts aim to mitigate the adverse environmental effects of clothing. Through their dynamic programs, Redress strives to minimize the negative impacts of fashion while simultaneously advocating for innovative models and fostering the growth of a more sustainable industry through the implementation of the circular economy. By directly engaging with various stakeholders, including designers, consumers, manufacturers, brands, educational institutions, and government bodies, Redress endeavors to create a positive and enduring environmental change within the fashion sector.

M. Mclean-Atkins
I approached Cheddar Media for a report project that needed speed, creative visual layout and expertise. Not only did they deliver on this criteria, the manner in which the team supported me was truly humbling. Cheddar was transparent, flexible, honest and hardworking. They knew exactly what we needed and came up with the goods. My impression was that a partnership was made, not just a transaction. This being our first industry report, we were nervous of the workload and extremely tight turnaround time. Without people like Cheddar it would not have been a success. I have learnt more than I imagined thanks to the people behind the scenes.

M. Mclean-Atkins

Sustainable Fashion Education Director, Redress