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Hong Kong 114e Reef Fish
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114˚E Hong Kong Reef Fish is an organisation that endeavours to establish baseline knowledge of Hong Kong’s reef fish through scientific underwater surveys by citizen scientists, overseen and guided by the project’s marine researchers. The eastern waters in Hong Kong enjoy a relatively higher underwater visibility throughout most days of the warmer months when surveys are conducted, providing safer and more favourable conditions for the underwater visual census.

The website that our team developed includes a directory oh HK’s reef fish and dive sites and provides a plethora of informational data for users. It also holds articles and resources published by 114e HK Reef Fish which are highly insightful. It also a separate emphasis on the most common encounters of the researchers as well as the alien species discovered by them.

K. Ho
Cheddar has the most amazing team taking care of our project website for several years now. Our website has a huge database presented in both Chinese and English, which we know was definitely not easy to build or maintain, but Cheddar never let us down. They always respond to all our requests and needs immediately, and do their best to make sure we are taken care of. We are grateful for them!

K. Ho

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