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Serious wildlife crimes are organised and transnational, fuelled by corruption, and have devastating impacts on wildlife, local communities, national economies, security, public health and entire ecosystems. Despite the severe impacts of such crimes, existing wildlife trade bans (both international and national) are not adequately enforced and we do not have a global agreement on wildlife crime.

The Global Initiative to “End Wildlife Crime” aims to encourage States to fill serious gaps in international law by advocating for and offering technical support towards the creation of an additional protocol on wildlife crime under the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime; and the inclusion of public health and animal health criteria in relevant international conventions and processes, including through the development and implementation of a robust Pandemics agreement.

End Wildlife Crime (EWC) is a global initiative to address serious gaps in international law relating to the problems of wildlife crime and trade. It is an alliance of individuals and organisations that support the need for sustainability in wildlife trade. The initiative alliance is hosted by ADM Capital Foundation, whilst being overseen by a small steering group, and is chaired by John Scanlon AO, former Secretary-General of CITES.

End Wildlife Crime’s starting point is that the status quo is not an option. They emphasise the need for transformative change in international laws as a means to address the challenges faced by the environment.

Creating the brand identity including logo, color palette, brand guidelines and website for End Wildlife Crime (EWC) was a drive, watching the impact from the efforts of the initiative is humbling and inspirational.